What Makes Wessex Institute Of Technology Exceptional

Wessex Institute of Technology is an organization that serves the international community. The institution is situated in England. Its location is strategic because it is amid New Forest, a well-known national park in England. The organization is usually known as Wessex or WIT. Wessex aims at developing a series of transfer mechanisms that target the exchange of information between professionals and academics in the field. You can get details on its location on Wessex Institute Wikipedia.

WIT achieves their goal through the organization of an array of activities. They have committed a team of employees working at the institute and in its associate firms. The Company has over the time established prestigious contents and links in several organizations all over the world.

The establishment of WIT traces way back in 1896. Professor Carlos Brebbia is the founder of Wessex Institute of Technology. Wessex was the successor of Mechanics Institute established in 1981. Wessex has three core activities which include the press, research, and conferences.

Board of Directors

Wessex has a proficient board of directors, made up of experienced members who are conversant with the industry. Professor Carlos Brebbia is the chairperson of that board. Other board members as shown in Wessex Institute Wikipedia include Professor Jerry J Connor, Professor George Pinder, Professor Eckart Schnack, and Professor Alex Cheng. Note that all its board members are professors of various universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. That explains why the leadership of Wessex is exceptional.


Wessex Institute holds an annual conference program that aims at awarding Prigogine Medal. The establishment of this medal was in memory of Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize. The award has been in existence since 2004, and it collaborates with University of Siena. According to Wessex Institute Wikipedia some of the Prigogine Medal winners include Sven Jorgensen in 2004, Ioannis Antoniou in 2008, Felix Muller in 2010, and Bai-Lian Larry Li in 2015.


WIT holds a conference program every other year. The program ensures that it holds 25 meetings annually. The meetings are usually held in different locations in collaboration with other universities and institutions. The Wessex Conference program has been growing over the years since it acts as a medium for achieving knowledge transfer goals. WIT serves as a link between academic and professional bodies. Over the years, Wessex has been encouraging trans-disciplinary research.