Wengie, “Your Internet Big Sister”, Is A YouTube Star With Real Heart

Why do some YouTubers become famous? What’s the magic that makes the difference between a few subscribers and well over a million fan-followers?

Sometimes it’s pre-existing star power. Sometimes it’s specialized knowledge. But sometimes it’s the ability to connect with the audience and make each and every subscriber feel like a close and valued friend. And that seems to be the wonder of Wendy Huang, the girl behind The Wonderful World Of Wengie.

A wildly popular beauty blogger who describes herself as “a Chinese Australian that wants to hug every cat”, Wengie has more than a million subscribers to her main YouTube channel. She posts beauty videos there twice weekly, covering everything from beauty routines to makeup tips and tutorials, hair and skincare how-tos, diet and fitness tips, and in her own words, “everything beauty and cosmetics related”.

In addition to keeping up one of Australia’s the most-subscribed beauty channels, she’s also the co-founder and product manager of UniMi Cosmetics and regularly works with major magazines and cosmetic brands. 

On her “Life of Wengie” channel, Huang reaches out to her subscribers, taking their questions on life, love, and everything in between. It’s where she offers “life advice from your internet big sister, who also happens to own a beauty channel and is a weird introvert”. Wengie invites her viewers to count on her, saying “I believe in you and I’m here to support you when you feel down and motivate when you need a pick me up!”

Yes, she’s lovely. And yes, she gives great beauty advice. But it’s her personality, warmth and caring that make her a star.

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