The Wessex Institute is in Constant Need of Lab Administrators

The Wessex Institute of Technology and the University of Southampton are recruiting lab administrators. This position will be at their Chilworth campus. It will be a part-time position of up to 28.8 hours per week. The base salary is set at £19,485 per year. They will start interviewing applicants at the start of May.

The NIHR INVOLVE Coordinating Centre will be administering the research at this location. The team is also affiliated with the National Institute for Health Research.

The Administrator is expected to work closely with office coordinators, managers and researchers. The applicant must have a superior level of personal support skills with a close attention to detail. Working at the research center may be fast paced with very tight deadlines. The position will last for 9 months in total.

The Wessex Institute is a private research group based in the South of England. They work with many affiliated universities to meet research goals.

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