The Synergy of Fashion and Technology

Both the fashion and technology industries have seen significant changes over the past decade. Regarding the newest trends in the fashion and technology industries, the two have influenced each other, with fashion becoming more technological and technology becoming more fashionable. Technology started with the invention of the boombox, which people could wear on their person. The music listening advice soon became more portable and compact with the invention of the iPod and mp3 players. These gadgets became a fashion accessory as much as a gadget used to listen to music.

Chris Burch is a perfect example of fashion and technology have continued to be incorporated in the present and the future. For example, a piece of neckwear that is designed to protect cyclists from impact has been invented. Furthermore, firefighters wear special gloves that, using simple hand gestures, can be used to communicate to their team special messages. Clothing and shoes can also be used to save energy, power up a smartwatch, or charge a smartphone.

But sometimes it may take awhile for certain trends to gain popularity by the masses. To illustrate, the technology Google Glass might not be receptive or needed by people who do not wear glasses. But by having certain fashion models wear these glasses, it can help to gain popularity and recognition, ultimately creating a new trend.

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