The Successful Brands of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is among the persons that founded a tour company known as CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens SA in 1972. He was only 24 years old. His co-founder was a Brazilian politician. His partner left the company four years later. Under Guilherme’s leadership, CVC agency has expanded to become the leading tour travel company in America. In 2009, Carlyle Group, global private equity bought from CVC agency 63.3% shares, which are estimated at $421 million. Check this article at to learn more.

CVC tour operator is expected to list the shares that are available this year. Guilherme Paulus also founded GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2009 in Brazil. He intends to expand and maintain hotels that are near to airports in Brazil. He worked as an intern in IBM before he was 20 years.

During 2017 Top Seller Event, the opening theme was Entrepreneurship, and Guilherme Paulus was chosen as Chairman and Board of Members of CVC to talk about the topic. RCI Brasil hosted the event, and it took place on November 22 till 23 at Mabu Grand Thermal Resort. Paulus talked much about his career as the founder of largest companies, CVC and GJP network, how it expanded and the success and consolidation of the two companies

Guilherme Paulus argue that while he was working at IBM as a trainee, he had a dream to start his travel agency. He explains that he had many experience crises that made him about to close it but never gave up. Paulus tried innovation and ends up remaining relevant to clients. In 2001, he bought a ship in Brazil, which is, in fact, the first and largest ship owner. His main secret to success is always to love a client.

CVC agency now has 1164 stores and about 9086 travel agents. CVC is available in all the states, 456 cities. In 2016, the number of passengers was around 3 978 018 on board. GJP Network has 19 hotels in Brazil, which comprise five hotels in Southeast Region, 7 Hotels in the South Region and seven hotels in Northeast Region. Guilherme Paulus associated loyalty, optimism and determination to successful professionalism.  Visit: