The Success Story of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a success story of hard work and the application of proven principles of good business. To be successful in business, you have to provide a service that helps other people. Once that dynamic occurs, and people see value in what you are doing, you will begin to succeed.


Nationwide is currently one of the largest processors of original documents about mortgage and property issues in the world. It is important that these documents be located and verified as quickly as humanly possible when people purchase and sell properties so the business part of buying and selling of homes and businesses can take place.


The accuracy of the received documents is a vital requirement if the document is to stand up as being authentic, thus serving as proof that a certain property is owned by the properly stated owner, free of debt or lien, and is located where it is supposed to be. Nationwide currently has an accuracy record of 99.8% in its results of obtaining the necessary information.


Two vital elements in the successful reign of Nationwide come into play in a big way. One is the sophisticated technology that is employed on a daily basis to locate, verify and identify the millions of documents that are required in the process. Without the technology, it would be impossible to achieve the volume that the company enjoys today.


The second “secret” is the loyalty, training, and dedication of the staff that uses the technology to “bring home the bacon.” Obtaining excellent employees starts with the hiring process. Good selection of workers is the key to the rest of the process because you cannot have top of the line employees unless you hire the best people in the beginning.


Then when you have a good person on board there must be an extensive onboarding so the person can learn to work your system and excel in its processes. There is an extensive advanced training program available to employees who want to advance. It is voluntary, but employees understand that by taking advanced training courses, their ability to advance is heightened. Roughly half of the employee workforce is involved in the advanced training most of the time at Nationwide.


Nationwide will continue to be a leader in the document field for a long time to come, and it is good to know that the processes and ethics that made the company successful will also continue.