The Rise of Organo Gold

Organo, a company based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada is on a path to spread the know-how of Ganoderma to the globe. Considered as one of the most successful network marketing companies globally, the organization’s vision is to improve the lives of folks through balance, wellness, prosperity, different products and offering golden opportunities to its members. Being in operation for a decade, the company has dramatically impacted positively in the people’s lives around the globe. Currently, most families around the world are being empowered by Organo Gold, and their lives have changed drastically.

Additionally, the Organization sponsors the OG Cares Foundation, an Organization that is not for profit and is helping in mentoring young people as leaders of tomorrow. The venture offers a wide variety of their state of the art products to choose from. Their products range from drinks such as teas and coffees all the way to nutraceuticals and personal care products. Its presence in more than 45 countries is attributed to one of their best and most sold product, Organo Gold coffee. The coffee is way above other coffees sold around the world. The enormous sales of Ogano Gold are credited to an ancient Chinese mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidum.

The constituent is added into Organo Gold and works like a charm. Ganoderma lucidum is said to have many health benefits for the consumer. Apart from being an antioxidant, Ganoderma increases the energy levels, boosts one’s immune systems and aids in weight loss to those who are concerned about their body weight. From their recent videos on Instagram, the launched #OGEXPO, a handle where its followers will be updated on all the upcoming events and their new products. The company is on a mission to set records in sales and make more money.