The Promising Healthcare Sector With Experts Like Drew Madden

Amazon has been a convenient online store, delivering stuff to your doorstep conveniently. A recent revelation came out as Amazon announced that they had obtained pharmacy licenses. The permits were for selling healthcare equipment. This is where the competition gets stiffer as the days go by.


Another great happening is for CVS health which was also not left behind as there were plans to buy Aetna which is one of the leading international health insurance providers. All these moves are geared towards staying at the top of the market. Both companies have a range of products they offer which could be what they will be banking on.


The health sector has been growing progressively in the past years. However, it’s important to note that it still has some improvements to be done. A series of companies have come up with various innovations to help in the efficiency of the industry, but, it’s still not enough.


What needs to be done is luring more experienced people to come up with technological innovations intended to help healthcare. Probably an indicator that the industry is tremendously growing is that more companies are coming up to help on innovation.


Most often, once one is discharged from the hospital, there is no way of tracking them. This is a gap that needs to be filled by coming up with software that will identify patients’ paths after getting a transfer to rehab or any other place. This will monitor their performance. Go Here for related Information.


Also, having a tool to help with providing doctors with health reports will be a lifesaver and less time-consuming. The tool could be in the form of a health tracking tool that will give doctors a graph-like trend for each patient as they monitor their progress.


Some entrepreneurial giants such as Drew Madden have revolutionized the healthcare with their contribution towards technology. As a healthcare IT expert, Madden has been able to develop Epic systems for healthcare facilities.


Madden’s IT skills led him to implement the Epic programs into different healthcare facilities. Drew Madden previously worked with Nordic which is the largest Epic-only company in the U.S. Drew is currently the Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madison.


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