The Popular OSI Industries Food Group Gaons Majpr Acquisition

Food services has been able to help thousands of individuals reach their level of stability to sustain their family. The popular OSI Industries Food Group was one of the first to help the communities they partner with by cresting economic stability. Their president and professional business man, David McDonald has been able to create 2,200 jobs worldwide. His job sustainability model has been mimicked by other food processing groups. McDonald is also the recent recipient of the 2017 Global Visionary Awards. He continues to create a job growth initiative designed to help thousands of families change their overall socio-economic status.

OSI Industries Makes Big Food Acquisition

There are thousands of competitor food processing plants, but very fee fail to meet the staggering business growth of OSI Industries. For example, they were recently able to take over the Dutch food industry with a merger with Baho foods. They have also been able to market their organic vegetables to an international industry. Millions of customers have been able to take part in a trusted diet from OSI Industries. Their most recent acquisition involves the EU food market. It has allowed their partners to take leadership of the popular Flagship Europe facility.

OSI operates in over 55 facilities in over 16 countries while proudly being based in Aurora, Illinois. They have been able to create jobs within their network while offering career job opportinitunites worldwide. You can visit their website for many unique ways to apply for a career opportunity. OSI has the top hot dogs, meat patties, frozen poultry, pie, sandwich fillings, desserts, restaurant condiments, frozen poultry, and organic vegetables. They’ve been able to achieve a unique diet from the all-natural ingredients from their food processing facility. OSI is willing to answer to a stabilized food industry while their competitors were under sanctions and penalties. Today, OSI Industries food brand is trusted over other food processing facilities 5 to 1.

Their mission at OSI Industries continues to be putting a great meal on the table for their food partners and families worldwide. Choose an OSI Industries diet and eat smart.

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