The life of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer ( is the chairman and president of Group RBS one of the largest entertainment conglomerate company in Brazil. He is also the director of e.Bricks Digital and the shareholder of e.Bricks a private equity company operating globally. Eduardo is identified by many as Duda Melzer. He runs one of Brazil successful family run businesses. His grandfather Mauricio was the founder of RBS and made it the largest media corporation in Southern Brazil. Eduardo has worked both in the franchising industry and the financial market. Being a franchiser from a multinational company, Sweet Sweet Way, he has helped in the collaboration of projects within Booz Allen and Hamilton consulting company. He has also worked at Delphi Corporation as the general director at BoxTop Media, a New York-based company.

In his Acaert interview, one thing that has helped Duda keep the business afloat in this competitive world is his drive to succeed and his extensive education background. Duda Mezler was a student at Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a degree in Business Adminstatrion and later went ahead to attain an MBA from Harvard University. He began his career by being absorbed in the family business. His first position at Group RBS was the General Director for states market. He excelled in that field and eventually was promoted to become the Vice President of the Market and business development. His core duties entailed management of the firm’s operation in the communication field and growth of the company’s target market. Duda Mezler’s company has the largest record of employment in Brazil with the company employing more than six thousand employees. The company has a net revenue of more than six hundred and fifty million U.S dollars.

According to, Duda’s primary mission at RBS was to develop the group’s operation in the communication area. Expansion of the company‚Äôs performance in the digital and executive education market was attained in the process.

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