The Career of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a respected executive who has accomplished many things in his impressive career. He currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. He gained a great deal of experience by holding a variety of positions and working his way up the corporate ladder. He career is very unusual because he spent more than three decades working for the same company. He was an employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)for 31 years. He established an outstanding reputation during his time at the legendary auditing firm. He worked out of their Detroit office and helped many of the company’s biggest clients. He was given several big promotions as a result of his outstanding performance.


In 2007, Burwell was promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer. He was later given the title of Chief Operating Officer for all of the business that PwC conducted in the United States. He is credited with changing the way that many different departments operate throughout the PwC operation. They tried desperately to keep Burwell. However, he wanted to try something different after more than three decades of working at the same place. He had many offers for his services from companies all over the world.


Burwell is a graduate of Michigan State University where he received a BA in business administration. He is also a certified public accountant. He was always an outstanding student who got very good grades. He was not sure what he should major in. However, he decided to settle on business administration because it would give him many different career options. He was always very good with numbers. This is what drove him to become an accountant. He also knew that there will always be a large demand for trained accountants. Therefore, he would never be out of work for very long.


Michael Burwell has been doing a great job of improving the financial situation of Willis Towers Watson since he took over as CFO. The company is doing very well, and his superiors are very pleased with his performance in this role so far. This should not be surprising because Burwell has succeeded in every position he has ever had in his career. He has said that he is happy with his current role. However, he did not rule out the possibility of trying something new at some point in the future. Only time will tell what he will do next.  Visit This Page to learn more.


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