Ted Bauman Predicts Volatility

Today, Bitcoin is one of the hottest products on the market, hailed by many as the future of currency due to its ability to move value from place to place, while also keeping the government out of the equation. While expert opinions have been divided on the potential of Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, financial expert, Ted Bauman recently weighed in on the topic in his newsletter, The Bauman Letter. He points out one major flaw that might hinder the development of Bitcoin, or even bring about its demise – transaction speeds are, for the most part, incredibly slow. While most notable credit card institutions, such as Visa, can process thousands of transactions per second, the technology that Bitcoin is built on, limits it to only a handful of transactions per second. Follow ted Bauman on plus.google.com.  In a world where many of our transactions are needed to be complete within an instant, this considerable hinders its potential. Ted Bauman advises caution when investing in Bitcoin.

Ted Bauman is a native of the Washington metropolitan area, but as a young man emigrated to South Africa, where he attended The University of Cape Town, garnering degrees in history and economics, in his pursuit of a career in finance. Throughout his career, Mr. Bauman has been staunchly committed to ensuring that people can live autonomous lives, free from government and corporate interference, serving the majority of his 25-year career as a fund manager in the nonprofit sector. Over that time period, Ted Bauman traveled to over 75 countries around the world, while also working in conjunction with a myriad of reputable organizations, most notably, the United Nations and the World Bank. In 2008, having decided to return to the United States, Ted Bauman took a position with Habitat for Humanity where he served a directorial role for the International Housing Program. In 2013, Ted Bauman decided to pursue a career that dealt with the writing and research aspects of finance, and upon joining Banyan Hill Publishing, quickly became the editor of Alpha Stock Report, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club, which has, to date, garnered extensive readerships. Throughout his travels, he has gained first-hand knowledge of the advantages of spreading ones personal wealth in different countries around the world, and he recently collaborated with his father, Robert Bauman, on a book entitled, “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with his family.