Talkspace Revolutionizes Therapy

People, especially colleagues stigmatize you when they realize that you rely on the services of a professional counselor. To eliminate this stigma, users of the app can choose to text, call, or video chat with the appointed therapist, whose services are available for 24 hours a day, each day of the week.

This provides a way for Talkspace’s clients to access therapy without having to appear at a therapist’s office.

Confidentiality is key in seeking help from a qualified physician. Talkspace has a stringent privacy policy. This ensures that confidential client information is not disclosed.

The client is in control of the information they disclose. To ensure total security, the app relies on an end-to-end encryption protocol, so only you and the therapist can access communication content.

For additional security, you can also add a password to protect your information.

Talkspace understands that you face a myriad of challenges throughout your day. Therapists on the platform are trained to advise on marriage, finances, drug and substance abuse, self-esteem, relationships, and any other worries you may have.

Since you understand yourself better, the therapist allows you to start conversations on what matters most to you.

To make the service work better, Talkspace has designed three pocket-friendly plans. Starting from $49 to $79 a week, clients can access unlimited services based on their preferred plan.

Talkspace provides an efficient, convenient, reliable, and easy to access way for you to get help from a qualified therapist in your time of need.