Stream Energy Now Available in the State of Delaware

Consumers in Delaware now have an additional choice in the retail energy market. Stream Energy announced in December that they would begin to offer their line of energy services in Delaware, adding the Blue Hen state to its ever-expanding list of states where Stream Energy does business.

Stream Energy customers in Delaware have a few different options for purchasing energy from Stream Energy, with both a six-month fixed-rate plan and a 12-month fixed-rate plan available.

Stream Energy President and CEO Larry Mondry said that the company was thrilled to be able to introduce itself to consumers in Delaware, further expanding the Stream Energy family in the Northeast. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

In addition to Delaware, Stream Energy also expanded their retail energy footprint into Illinois in 2017. Currently, Stream Energy operates in six other states: Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, and New Jersey. Stream Energy also sells energy in Washington D.C. Stream Energy offers gas, electric, and green energy options to consumers.

Dan O’Malley, the COO of Stream Energy, on the topic of the expansion into Delaware, said that the momentum from adding an additional market made it an exciting time for the company. He also said he was looking forward to additional growth in the future.



Stream Energy is a Dallas-based direct selling firm that concentrates on life services. In addition to being on of the leading companies in the retail energy market, selling directly to consumers through Stream Energy, Stream Services also provides protective services, home services, and wireless services to its customers.

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy is one of the fastest growing and most successful direct selling firms in the United States. In addition to the eight states, and Washington D.C., that they operate retail energy operations in, Stream Energy’s other services, such as their wireless service, are available to all consumers in the United States. View Stream Energy at