Stream Energy Encourages Corporate Culture Of ‘Women Power’

Dallas-based Stream Energy is an power-supply company widely recognized for developing innovative and creative ways to deliver affordable energy to consumers. Now the company is seeking to energize one of its most important assets – the female Associates and employees who help make the company a success.


Stream energy has stepped forward with a major effort to bolster women. For the fourth year in a row, Stream Energy has conducted its Women of Power Retreat. It’s a seminar designed to mentor, inspire, motivate, encourage and charge-up women who work as sales Associates and employees for the company.


Stream Energy has adopted a network marketing model to garner new customers and deliver energy products. It offers a way for entrepreneurial-minded self-starters to achieve financial independence by building their own business. Independent Associates sign-on with Stream and use company resources to find and service new customers.


The Women of Power Retreat invites female Associates to Stream’s home-office location in Dallas to build business and marketing skills. They also focus on building confidence, maintaining positive attitudes and developing strategies specifically for women who face special challenges in the business world.


Stream Associates who have attended the retreat report coming away with a renewed sense of support and empowerment created by an environment that values the hard work of women. They also learn to engage their creativity and intelligence to advance personally while contributing to the success of the company as a whole.


The special program for women was co-founded by Renee J. Hornbaker who serves as Stream’s Chief Financial Officer. She said each retreat adopts a specific theme. The core principle of finding ways for each individual woman to achieve more and excel is at the heart of every program, however. See This Page for more information.


Working as a Stream Associate requires that women master the concept of working independently, but within a supportive environment. That means self-motivation and developing personalized strategies is key to enhancing individual success while also providing superior energy-supply services to all Stream customers.


Stream is a Better Business Bureau accredited since 2010 and has since then earned an A+ rating as proof of their commitment to excellence.