Southridge Capital Continues To Strive For Excellence

Southridge Capital LLC offers advisory and structured finance advice to public companies. Southridge Capital offers different financial solutions to help their clients reach their goals.


The company has a detailed financial analysis program. Southridge creates detailed financial statements that will help assist their clients. Southridge Capital also offers Balance Sheet Optimization, which helps their clients develop an effective strategy to balance out their debt and equity. Southridge gives Mergers and Acquisitions advice to their clients, aligning them with other clients who have similar business models. Southridge’s Legal Settlement Services helps their clients settle legal issues by defining the legal requirements, which will help them save them time and money. Southridge Capital has the team to assist their clients with their corporate issues.


Southridge Capital supports initiatives that help provide hope to the less fortunate. Some of the charitable organizations that Southridge supports include; The Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, The Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, and The Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association. Southridge strives to make an impact on society by serving the entire community. Check out for more.



Southridge Capital CEO Stephen Hicks


As The Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks helps shape the direction of the company. Hicks has over 30 years of experience dealing with issues such as investment banking, derivatives, and financial structuring. Hicks received a degree in Business Administration from King’s College. He received an MBA from Fordham University.


Hicks notes that the idea to found Southridge occurred while he was working at a hedge fund. Hicks decided that he wanted to start his own hedge fund. Hicks says that having experience is an asset, as Southridge is familiar with everyone in the area. That makes it easy for the company to help their clients. Check out to know more.



Hicks is excited about the future of cryptocurrency. He is interested in starting a channel for cyptocurrency where guests would come on and discuss their coins. Hicks reads the Wall Street Journal online to get daily info on the market, as well as different trends.



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