Sheldon Lavin’s Intelligence Helped Provide Food Across The Globe

Sheldon Lavin knows what to do when it comes to meat processing. In 1970, when the Otto & Sons Company lost a contract to provide Mcdonalds with burgers, something needed to change. This is where Sheldon Lavin came to the rescue. He was hired as a financial advisor to Otto & Sons which then became OSI when Mr. Otto decided to retire.

OSI focused on providing great service to the Illinois area, and with the help of Sheldon Lavin, OSI focused on providing meat globally. Sheldon eventually took over the company with controlling shares and worked to make it a meat supply force. Sheldon Lavin and his team work tirelessly to provide chicken, beef, pork, and more to businesses across the world. Their dedication to quality and reliability makes them an extremely successful food production business.

The company recently expanded a factory in Spain to provide more chicken for the surrounding areas. The demand has gone up for chicken in Spain and Portugal. OSI answered the call to provide the extra space and product.

The OSI company is an excellent company to work for. The employee turnover is low. Thanks to the excellent leadership of Lavin, OSI was able to recover from the loss of the Mcdonalds account only to rise to be a competitive valuable player in the business of providing food on the wholesale side.

Lavin has also provided a lot of charity for low-income families and chronic illness. The community has given him ample awards for all the good work he has done through the OSI group. Lavin is an example of what hard work in America can provide a community and an individual when you lead in a hardworking and intelligent way. He will continue to run OSI and help feed the world with the largest meat processing companies.

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