Shared Office Spaces Are Growing In NYC


It’s an understatement to say that office spaces are changing, in some cases they are outright disappearing at shared office spaces. Now shared office spaces may sound very millennial and a little out there for someone who’s not too familiar with them, but they are actually something that’s become quite liked by both old and new workers. Shared office spaces, or coworking spaces as they are also referred to are facilities where like-minded workers can collaborate or build client networks all in one location.


There are still private offices available for those whose jobs require more quiet environments or frequent phone use, but many people work well in open lounge spaces which are cheaper to rent. But at shared office spaces, independent contractors don’t have to deal with isolation as they would working from home, and can be part of community of independent workers. Plus coworking spaces never require anyone to show up on any given day and anyone can take vacations or sick days when needed.


New York City is one place where shared office spaces are becoming popular, and one place that offers NYC coworking opportunities is Workville. Located in central Manhattan, this facility is very accessible for people traveling from any direction in the city. Workville has many amenities for workers including office equipment, coffee machines, high-speed wireless internet, mail service, and 24/7 building access. Workville offers different monthly rental options from open lounge spaces, to private offices and even a dedicated desk for an extra charge.


Workville also has conference rooms that can be rented for various prices, and certain rooms in the facility can also be reserved for private parties and other functions. If you need a break from a long day of work and some fresh air, Workville’s terraces provide that as well as a spectacular view of the city. To find out more about Workville and schedule tours, you can visit