Sam Tabar Oversees Operations of Investment Strategies for Construction of Synova Projects

Investment strategies are used by investors and hedge fund management firms to invest into securities, commodities and energy projects. Continents and countries around the world are concerned about global waste found in the oceans and landfills. FullCycle Energy Fund, LP and Partner, Synova are doing something about it and targeting regions in the Philippines and Thailand. Synova said that the company is prepared to support over 60 projects. Sam Tabar, Chief Operating Office of FullCycle Energy will manage investment strategies for the construction of projects.

The beginning process of the investment strategies involved a partnership contract between the FullCycle Fund and Synova. Synova was selected to construct waste-to-energy projects that reduces waste in specified international regions and to produce financial effects. FullCycle was formed to generate capital for those projects and bring opportunities for the Fund to receive returns on its investments.

FullCycle Fund created benefits for its limited partners, including preservation of capital commitment and partnership with Synova projects that yield positive rates of return with adjustment risks. The Fund’s partner has complete control of intellectual properties of the process to organize projects that are profitable. Developer, Synova will construct waste power plants with an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and clean design. IGCC designed plants converts solid fuels into “synthesis″ gas which produces a “gas turbine″. The conversion method is proven to remove contaminants from processed waste.

LinkedIn shows that Sam Tabar joined FullCycle Energy Fund in 2015 as the COO to oversee operations of the waste-to-energy projects and implement investment strategies for profitable returns. He earned a Masters of Law degree from Columbia Law School and worked as an Associate, Hedge Fund Counselor, Managing Director, and Senior Associate for prominent investment firms. Tabar is an investor, entrepreneur, lawyer, executive, and philanthropist. His latest position at FullCycle enables him to apply his leadership & investment skills, international capital market laws expertise, and knowledge of global markets.  He’s also used this position to create a GoFundMe campaign for African charities, showing a philanthropic side of Sam Tabar.

FullCycle Energy Fund, LP finances and has rights to the Sonova energy projects. The endeavors of the Fund will ultimately be to provide capital to Sonova to build waste-to-energy power plants and at the same time produce attractive investment returns. All the waste in the world, including the ocean and landfills can easily be converted into energy to provide electricity and other energy sources using Sonova power plants.  Check Sam out on Twitter to keep abreast of what he does next.

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