Robert Ivy : Leadership through Integrity

Trade occupations have increasingly become more popular every year, and rightfully so as they provide above average compensation for new employees. In 2010, The American Society of Associations reported a total of 92,000 trade occupations. Usually, potential candidates for these jobs learn most if not all their trait from either their studies at school or on the job training. There is, however, various of occupations that are in the “practice” category where there is always more to learn. These are where professional associations come in, they provide educational programs for members as well as open up a venue for them to network and build connections with. The power of associations can only be described as incredible and important.

Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects comments that although architects are a small minority, the association allows them to have an authority and a voice, so much so that they even managed to change legislative tax law. Robert Ivy further states that belonging to the association indicates a person’s commitment to keeping up to date with developing methods, theories, and trends. This is a powerful statement made from one of or some say the most respected architect alive today. His accolades speak for themselves. Named Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and soon to receive the lifetime achievement award by the Missipii Institue of Arts and Letters. So it is no secret that adding to your resume “member of the American Institue of Architects”, a prestigious association run by one of the best contributors to the world of architecture, Robert Ivy is a crucial add-on.

Robert Ivy further comments that the foundation of the rules of conduct is the foundation of maintaining respect for architecture, it is a peace of mind to clients and hiring managers alike to have their members practice integrity in their work. Robert Ivy to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

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