Perry Mandera Becoming As Prolific In Philanthropy As He Is In Business

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur and businessman that has shown his mettle in a variety of business sectors. Mandera’s most high-profile endeavor is perhaps his Custom Companies Inc. which full-service transportation solutions to businesses ranging in size from mom and pop shops to presence on Fortune 500 lists.


Mandera has acted as the CEO of the company throughout its more than 30 years in existence and has recently stepped up his efforts at philanthropical pursuits.


Perry Mandera created Custom Cares to facilitate his support to a variety of causes near to his heart.


Mandera’s past stint with the Marines led to him pledging support to Hiring Our Heroes and Marines For Life, two organizations that provide services to veterans in need. He has also been driven by the compassion he feels for individuals suffering the effects of devastating illness and disease to lend a hand to organizations fighting on behalf of cancer patients.


The charitable pursuit that many who know Perry Mandera think he has shown the most passion for is the Mercy Home For Boys And Girls. MHBG is a non-profit group dedicated to ending the cycle of abuse and neglect endured by many children living in at-risk environments. The group was founded in 1887 and has stood in the gaps for more than 30,000 children by providing food and shelter, aftercare treatment programs, and mentors.


Perry Mandera and Custome Cares to aid the efforts of the MHBG in a number of ways. One recent example of Mandera’s commitment to the promotion of a gardening project at a campus the organization maintains. The project, which has been named Green Thumbs for a Greener World plants flowers and vegetables while displaying a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. The initiative is also dedicating to education residents of Mercy Homes the importance of socially responsible behavior in response to sustainability.


Another shining example of the generous way Perry Mandera utilizes his resources to benefit others is the work he has done with The Jesse White Tumblers and the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. Mandera’s commitment to these two foundations resulted in his donating and using his transportation resources to deliver 6500 coats to children in the Chicago area.


Mandera’s Custom Companies Inc. has also used its truck fleet to transport supplies to victims of tragedies such as the California Wildfires and Hurricane Katrina, as well as the tornado that devastated the town of Washington, Illinois in 2013.