Paul Mampilly Predicts Doom For Apple

There have been periods of stagnation and inclines in the performance of Apple for several years. The past decade has seen expansion and growth for Apple with a share of the smartphone market that is rivaled in the United States only by Samsung. Paul Mampilly thinks that growth will not continue during 2018 but that the future of Apple is doomed.

Paul Mampilly has a history of making predictions that are accurate and profitable when it comes to purchasing stocks. Since retiring in his forties people continue to listen to his investing advice. He believes that people are investing in the memory of Steve Jobs and the innovative products created. October of 2001 the iPod was released taking the place of portable tape and CD players, the iPhone followed in 2007 with the same ability as computers. In 2010 the iPad was released by Apple in efforts to make tablet computers perfect and easier to use than the laptop.

In 2011 Steve Jobs died, and though new versions of these products and Mac computers were released there are no new products from Apple since Jobs died. Instead the focus has been on customizing the choices for newer version of product lines already in existence. New features such as the pay system and fingerprint lock have been introduced and facial recognition is available on the latest iPhone. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, prefers the iPhone 8 which is not inspiring confidence.

Paul Mampilly believes that realizing Apple is on the verge of lawsuits because of older devices being slowed down and the competition from Chromebook, should been seen as a red flag when it comes to the loyalty of customers. Loyalty begins with children who have positive experiences and are familiar with the products. This began with school having Apple Computers in the 1990s and schools purchasing new Apple Two computers. There have not been any improvements to Siri but Google Assistant is easy for children to use and is constantly being improved upon.

Paul Mampilly managed high profile accounts for Deutshe Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. He later won the Templeton Foundation Award in 2009 after growing a fifty million dollar investment to eighty-eight million dollars. Mampilly’s newsletter Extreme Fortunes makes his stock market research available to everyone.

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