Why Avi Weisfogel Launched the GoFundMe Campaign to Benefit Operation Smile

Giving Back, GoFundMe
The operations of Operation Smile have been boosted by the announcement of Avi Weisfogel that he will be supporting the organization by launching GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise $2000 specifically to benefit the charity. As an international charity, Operation Smile offers children and young adults free surgical operations. The young adults usually benefit from the corrective surgical procedures if they are suffering from facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. Avi Weisfogel chose the charity as the beneficiary of the campaign because of its dedication to give children in different parts of the world hope for better tomorrow. They do so because they rightly believe that everyone is supposed to treat children with the utmost concern regardless of their social status ...

Handy Application Raises $50 Million

Mobile Startup
A significant challenge that many people face is finding help when it comes to cleaning, repairs, or odd jobs at home. While most people used to have to go through the yellow pages and be subject to a company’s base fees, they now have a much more convenient and affordable way to hire help with daily chores. Through the website and mobile application Handy, an individual can hire a person to help with various chores and jobs. The user will be able to choose between several different people in their area based on cost, experience, consumer reviews, and many other factors. The application is also beneficial for individuals looking for additional freelance work. While it is a new website and application, Handy is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. In the last month the owners of the co

Lack of Payment Makes DEVCO Suspect

Unpaid Loan
Atlantic City, New Jersey has seen better days. It once was a great vacation destination for thousands of people, offering exciting gambling and luxurious getaways. Over the past 15 years harder times have hit the area but groups like New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) have tried to offer solutions. DEVCO has been held up as an example for others to follow in the rejuvenation of the Atlantic City economy. Yet questions have been produced about the honesty and validity of the organization. According to the Press of Atlantic City, its initial loans were made in 2005 the Heldrich, a hotel and conference center, has performed anemically as Casino Reinvestment and Development Authority wait to receive a return on the $20 million loan. The Devco plan began in 2005 when they borr...

The Success of Highland Capital Management

Recently in news, James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has announced his plans to invest in Argentina's new international bond market. This recent news has coincided with Argentina's new plans to sell almost $12 billion of Argentina's current bonds in mid-April. James Dondero has announced that this new sale will include Highland Capital Management as one of the top investors in the country. Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that already oversees around $19 billion worth of assets. This total amount of assets includes hedge funds as well as emerging market credit funds. In addition to this, the new purchases will look to snap up a large amount in assets that is worth a significant amount in securities. James Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management is lo...

Koch Brothers Flying Under The Radar With Their Wealth

Political Games
The Koch Brothers are amongst some of the wealthiest people in The United States of America. Combined, it is estimated that the two brothers have a total net worth of $100 billion dollars. Their granddad Harry Koch was a Dutchman that immigrated to the U.S. in 1888. He made a fortune from being a newspaper publisher and investing his money wisely. He left behind two grandson's by the name of Charles and David Koch. Charles is 80 years old, while his younger brother is only 75 years old. How the two brothers further expanded their grandfather's passed along fortune is truly remarkable. Charles Koch now lives in Kansas, and have through the course of their lifetime made solid investments in the oil and ranching industry. Additionally they are involved with technology. As of recently the f...

Sam Tabar Oversees Operations of Investment Strategies for Construction of Synova Projects

Market Leaders
Investment strategies are used by investors and hedge fund management firms to invest into securities, commodities and energy projects. Continents and countries around the world are concerned about global waste found in the oceans and landfills. FullCycle Energy Fund, LP and Partner, Synova are doing something about it and targeting regions in the Philippines and Thailand. Synova said that the company is prepared to support over 60 projects. Sam Tabar, Chief Operating Office of FullCycle Energy will manage investment strategies for the construction of projects. The beginning process of the investment strategies involved a partnership contract between the FullCycle Fund and Synova. Synova was selected to construct waste-to-energy projects that reduces waste in specified international reg...

Autism Rocks Will Give Concerts Anywhere Around The World

Activism, Autism Research
Austim Rocks was started by Sanjay Shah because he wanted to find a brand new way of making money for charity. There are so many people who are going to give their money to Autism Rocks because they had fun at a concert, and there are people who are itching to find their way to these concerts because they are so amazing. Sanjay Shah (http://sanjayshah.tv/) takes a lot of pride in the concerts that he gives, and he raises millions every year just from major events. There are lots of places that Mr. Shah has planned to give his concerts, and he wants to make his charity even more viable by earning as much money as he can at every concert. The concerts that people are going to will be very nice for them because they are held in private places that offer the best experience. The concert...

Wengie, “Your Internet Big Sister”, Is A YouTube Star With Real Heart

Beauty Bloggers, YouTubers
Why do some YouTubers become famous? What's the magic that makes the difference between a few subscribers and well over a million fan-followers? Sometimes it's pre-existing star power. Sometimes it's specialized knowledge. But sometimes it's the ability to connect with the audience and make each and every subscriber feel like a close and valued friend. And that seems to be the wonder of Wendy Huang, the girl behind The Wonderful World Of Wengie. A wildly popular beauty blogger who describes herself as "a Chinese Australian that wants to hug every cat", Wengie has more than a million subscribers to her main YouTube channel. She posts beauty videos there twice weekly, covering everything from beauty routines to makeup tips and tutorials, hair and skincare how-tos, diet and fitness tips...

Slyce Inc Performance For the Fourth Quarter Ended October 31st 2015

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Slyce Inc a visual search platform announced its financial results for the year and quarter ended October 31, 2015. On 12th August 2015, Slyce announced its partnership with SHOES.COM. which is the fastest growing online footwear retailer. A mobile image recognition by Slyce, SHOEme.ca will be able to snap pictures of shoes and thereafter be purchased by a few taps. On August 26th 2015, it announced that Neiman Marcus had extended Slyce technology to all its product lines. This was through the feature ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ On October 6th 2015, Urban Outfitters entered into a contract with Slyce for the powering of visual search for mobile commerce. Slyce and Shoe Carnival entered into an agreement on the 22nd October 2015 for the integration of Slyce Technology. On February 10th 2016,

FreedomPop’s Newest Launch

Mobile Phone Service
Successful fundraisers are not the only thing that FreedomPop is known for now. The phone application company known as FreedomPop announced last month that it would begin launching its free service across Europe with up to 25 different carriers. According to FreedomPop's international overseer, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, the company is going to have all 25 different markets ready for usage by the end of the month and looks to expand its horizons beyond that. For those who are unaware, FreedomPop is an application that allows for users to have a limited amount of free voice, texting and data usage on their phone. In addition, the company also boasts allowing for extra services for a reasonable price, when compared to other mobile electronics. The company plans to let users have 200 M...