Helane Morrison’s Life on a Canvas

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Helane Morrison has lived what can be considered a full swing life. She has been both on the serving end and the receiving end. And in both cases, the extreme highs. Or what can be said of a person who at one time headed law enforcement agency, had been earlier a representative of firms defending them against extreme enforcement by the very agency and now working as a compliance officer. Talk of an all-round pro.   In an article that appeared in XRepublic giving an account of Helane Morrison's Life, Morrison comes out as the best fit for her current job at Hall Capital Partners. As a Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, you would expect nothing but a firm that is destined for better days ahead. Already, Hall Capital has earned a place as one of the most successful inv...

New Video Marketing Opportunities with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has changed the way marketing is practiced, and they have just started what could be great for new customers seeking video marketing benefits. The global leader in video marketing solutions has launched a 30 day free trial. Now, in nine different languages and 140 countries, prospective customers can try out the product for 30 days completely risk-free. The corporate team of Talk Fusion is excited to allow customers the opportunity to fully understand what the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution actually is. They spent over a year planning the trials so customers do not have to dive into a program they are not yet familiar with. The trials will provide the knowledge a customer needs to decide just how effective video marketing is. The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Re...


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What happened when Emily McClure challenged herself to a whole week of using WEN Hair by Chaz? Keep reading to get the scoop. Days one and two had similar results. She washed her hair with the suggested amount of cleansing conditioner, blow-dried her hair then went to bed only to awaken to greasy roots. On day three she awoke to somewhat greasy hair and rewashed her hair, blow-dried and styled her hair before leaving. She seemed happy with the results. Day four was a disaster after sleeping in and taking a shower was out of the question. She left for work and tried her best to fix her hair with dry shampoo and other products only to leave her disappointed. With day five, she took a shower before work and was happily surprised with her hair on this day. The only downfall was her curls didn...

Portia Kersten is a Talented Business Leader who Oversees SKOUT’s Growth Strategy

Portia Kersten serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Prestigious SKOUT Company, which avails an international avenue for meeting and interacting with new people. She has an extensive experience of more than a decade of working with new startups and established companies to generate capital, exploit growth potential, and spearhead minimization of structural expenses while enhancing operational excellence. She is an alumnus of Columbia University holding an MBA. How past experiences impacted on her leadership Kersten was brought up in a low-income family, but she dreamt of becoming someone prominent in the future. She had role models who she looked up to including Charles Dickens, and Portia, one of the characters in the book ‘the Merchant of Venice’ by Shakespeare. Employmen

Softening The Skin And Hair

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If you’re looking for a product that can be used for healthy skin while softening the hair as well, then consider shea butter. The butter comes from nuts that are found on the Karite tree. The tree is often found in Africa. The butter is commonly seen in hair products, cosmetics and lotions. In its raw form, shea butter can help in relieving irritations and redness on the face. It can also be used to help treat stretch marks, especially for women who are pregnant. It can be used to soften the skin while tanning or after a sunburn, making the skin easier to peel. Some use the butter for insect stings and muscle fatigue. Shea butter can be used to protect the skin from the sun as a natural sunscreen. It is sometimes used as a base for medications that help to treat eczema and blemishes

White Shark Media Now Offering Free Adwords Evaluation

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Anybody who has ever run a business understands the undeniable power of marketing. In our day and age, online marketing is one of the most valuable ways for businesses to gain new customers or clients. Google Adwords is one of the most widely used forms of online advertising. Knowing how to properly use your Adwords account can help your business grow faster than you may have ever previously imagined. White Shark Media is an online marketing firm that is now offering free Adwords evaluations that will show you how effective your online marketing campaign really is. White Shark Media is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world. Last year they managed $36 million dollars of advertising money. White Shark Media has a goal to focus on creating the best Adwords campaigns...

Michael Zomber: An Expert in Arms

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Michael Zomber is an American author and A&E and History Channel's featured historian as an expert in antique arms and armor. With a passion for weaponry and armor, Michael Zomber has been collecting these antique arms for over forty years.. Thanks to his expertise, he was featured as a guest historian for History Channel's television series Tales of the Gun. He was featured in the episodes Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, and Million Dollar Gun. Michael Zomber is an expert in "European, Japanese, Islamic, and American arms and armor from the 16th through the 19th century." He is often regarded as one of the most recognized names in Japanese samurai swords. Michael Zomber has written several published novels such as Shogun I...

Let Talk Fusion Help You Succeed

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Business isn't just about making money. Some of the best, most successful businesses know that developing a relationship with their customers is the key to longevity. While word of mouth has always been a trusty resource, in the modern age there's a need for a more hands-on approach. Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion has come up with a great solution to this business need. Before going into the company and what it has to offer, let's talk a little about the man who made it all possible. Having such a successful internet company anyone would think that Bob Reina was some sort of technological genius. That is so far from the truth. He started as a police officer, with a desire to be of service. To pick up some extra cash he began direct marketing. With his need to serve, experience in

FreedomPop Gives WhatsApp Users a Wonderful Surprise

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Free WiFi access seems to be coming into play just about everywhere that you look. It would be harder to find a restaurant or shopping center that did not have free WiFi then it would to find a place that did. That may be the reason that so many people have gravitated towards turning off their cell phone service. Others have started to use the FreedomPop plan that offers free service with a standard data plan. This is great for people that do not use their phone very often, but even those that bypass their free data usage will still be able to utilize WhatsApp. In other words, even people that have zero data usage left for the month are still going to be able to communicate through the app. That is something that is turning even more people on to this app and FreedomPop. At one time ...

Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten in the Banking World

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Investment banking is vital banking sector that involves advising companies, individuals, charitable firms, government, and even countries regarding how they can acquire additional capital and grow their business. Investment banks differs with local banking since they are involved in money depositing or issuance of money. Majorly investment banks focus on debt and equity financing, security trading, financial advisory, and merger and acquisitions services among other services. Investment bankers are trained professionals that provide investment-banking services. They need to be conversant with how this banking sector operates and should have mastered investment-banking trade. One of the most renowned experts in investment banking world is Martin Lustgarten. He is also the founder and th...