Let Talk Fusion Help You Succeed

Business Leaders
Business isn't just about making money. Some of the best, most successful businesses know that developing a relationship with their customers is the key to longevity. While word of mouth has always been a trusty resource, in the modern age there's a need for a more hands-on approach. Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion has come up with a great solution to this business need. Before going into the company and what it has to offer, let's talk a little about the man who made it all possible. Having such a successful internet company anyone would think that Bob Reina was some sort of technological genius. That is so far from the truth. He started as a police officer, with a desire to be of service. To pick up some extra cash he began direct marketing. With his need to serve, experience in

FreedomPop Gives WhatsApp Users a Wonderful Surprise

Mobile Phone Service
Free WiFi access seems to be coming into play just about everywhere that you look. It would be harder to find a restaurant or shopping center that did not have free WiFi then it would to find a place that did. That may be the reason that so many people have gravitated towards turning off their cell phone service. Others have started to use the FreedomPop plan that offers free service with a standard data plan. This is great for people that do not use their phone very often, but even those that bypass their free data usage will still be able to utilize WhatsApp. In other words, even people that have zero data usage left for the month are still going to be able to communicate through the app. That is something that is turning even more people on to this app and FreedomPop. At one time ...

Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten in the Banking World

Business Leaders, Investment Banking
Investment banking is vital banking sector that involves advising companies, individuals, charitable firms, government, and even countries regarding how they can acquire additional capital and grow their business. Investment banks differs with local banking since they are involved in money depositing or issuance of money. Majorly investment banks focus on debt and equity financing, security trading, financial advisory, and merger and acquisitions services among other services. Investment bankers are trained professionals that provide investment-banking services. They need to be conversant with how this banking sector operates and should have mastered investment-banking trade. One of the most renowned experts in investment banking world is Martin Lustgarten. He is also the founder and th...

The Exit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

World News
In the United States President Barack Obama will exit at the end of 2016 and leave room for another president to take the stage. He has done some great things while in office even though he has had some critics. In Venezuela, however, president Nicolas Maduro will prepare to make a very different exit as he leaves his governmental head position in Venezuela. The exit is going to be a chaotic one says expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez, but that is to be expected because there is a great meltdown that is happening in Venezuela that is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. It is difficult to describe in words just how bad things have become since Maduro has been president. The natives of Venezuela have loss all faith in him. He just isn't someone that the people look up to anymore, added Gonzal...

George Soros Open Society Foundation Criticizes Hungarian Government For Its Tough Action on Refugees

George Soros is the current chairman and co-founder of Soros Fund Management the Open Society Foundations. After being successful in the world of finance, George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979 and started being active as a donor. His first donation went to South Africa through helping the black students attend Cape Town University during a time when apartheid was a norm in South Africa. For the unfortunate black student both aspiring and continuing students, he organized for a scholarship that enabled them to fulfill their dreams just like the counterpart white students. The Open Society Foundation has accomplished much since 1979 and today it operates in more than 100 countries with annual expenditures that reached $835 million in 2011. The Open Society Foundation's...

Charles Koch’s Current Warning

Political Games
When you think about the current landscape of the political arena, it is somewhat of a bizzaro world. Not only are the typical candidates anything but typical, but the frontrunners are people who would normally never even be in the final field, let alone the pack leaders. When you consider the fact that Charles Koch said he would consider voting for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, then it only shows just how upset he (and the rest of the conservative elite) are at the fact that an individual such as Trump is the best that the field can yield. When you think about Charles Koch, you have to understand just how powerful his words are. The Koch brothers are truly two of the most elite individuals in the field, and the warning that Charles is saying isn't just a political one it is an ove...

Eric Pulier Is Known for Leading One Successful Venture After Another

Eric Pulier is a technology visionary that knows how to effectively raise venture capital for some of the best startup ideas. Eric Pulier makes raising capital for technology ideas look so simple. His efforts have helped raise hundreds of millions in dollars for US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, Media Platform, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, which merged into TM Forum. These are only a few examples of companies that Mr. Pulier has help raise funds for. ServiceMesh is also among the successful startups Pulier has helped raise funding for. The platform integration management solution located on csc.com provides a complex alignment of cloud management solutions. ServiceMesh is based in Califonia, where Mr. Pulier resides as well. ServiceMesh has raised $15,000,0...

DIVERSANT’s Exceptional Programs And Its Principal John Goullet

Business, Business Leaders
DIVERSANT is a fully licensed Minority Business Enterprise provider that is committed to supporting diversity throughout the workplace as well as in the supply chain. It is the biggest IT staffing and solutions company in the US that is African-American owned. The firm focuses on providing IT talent on a permanent basis, contingent, and contract. That is done depending on the needs of its Fortune 500 as well as mid-market clients in select industries. DIVERSANT holds an exceptional dedication to offering premier service to all its customers, consultants, as well as partners. The firm believes in diversity. It also understands that in all its forms, diversity generates better prospects for both consultants and partners. Additionally, it provides clients with more innovative solutions. DI...

Keith Mann Recognizes Professional Achievement

Giving Back
One thing school should do is prepare people for the real world. Keith Mann is making an attempt to encourage that in schools. He has put together what is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement in partnership with Uncommon Schools which is a non-profit organization for charter management. Keith Mann is looking to give entrepreneurs the recognition that they deserve. For one thing, entrepreneurs add a lot to society in general. They are willing to branch out and think outside the box. They not only build businesses, but they also create jobs for others. Keith Mann respects that and understands that there is a lot of value in that. Keith Mann himself is an entrepreneur. He understands the freedom that comes with starting a business or just working for him...

Handy Makes Spring Cleaning Supremely Easy

Spring cleaning should revolve around more than just tidying things up. Spring cleaning really is about the total renewal of an abode. A home is only inviting when it is clean and neat. The appearances inside of a home contribute greatly to its ability to help put those inside the home into a healthy mindset. Those living in a nice, clean environment are sure to be more upbeat about their living arrangements than someone living in dirt and clutter. The mind is not the only thing made healthy due to a clean interior. Disinfecting all the bacteria and germs that congregate and grow in a home makes for a safe environment. As spring arrives, people become motivated to engage in that all-important seasonal cleaning adventure. Adventure may be the right word and not always in the most posi...