Important Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Event

Event Planning
Camille Styles, one of the best corporate event planners in NYC, and a top editor in a party blog shares her tips on how to host an event like a pro. She also shares her "rules to live by" to guide you when hosting your upcoming get-together or big party.     Effortless Planning     Planning for an event or party should not be an intimidating or stressful thing. You should start early and stay organized in order to plan, come up and eventually host a memorable party/event easily. In order to get all the steps in this process right, you should use a well detailed event planning checklist. It will guide you in every step of the way from one month to the party up until an hour before it starts.     Party/Event Planning Checklist &nbs...

Talk Fusion Understands People

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One of the things that companies struggle with the most is understanding their customers. They might think they have a feel for them and what they want and desire, but in reality, they could not be more off base. That is why it is so refreshing to see a company out there like Talk Fusion that not only listens to its customers, but it also understands their needs, wants, and desires. That is how they win awards and that is why they have such a loyal following. People can see what they are doing and they know they have their best interests in mind. That is the way it has been since Bob Reina founded and created Talk Fusion back in 2007. He figured that if he was going to start a company, he was going to start it the right way. He has clearly done that while also keeping a pulse on what th...

Andrea McWilliams: Lady Lobbyist & More

Andrea McWilliams is more than a lobbyist. She is also a consultant and a strategist. She and her spouse Dean McWilliams founded the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultancy. The company focuses on creating various strategies for both political organizations and businesses. Andrea McWilliams held her first management position at the age of 21. She was then employed as the chief of staff at Public Strategies, Inc. She presently serves as a member of the board of the international tax services company, PAC Board of Ryan. Andrea McWilliams is also a community volunteer and a philanthropist located in Texas. She has been the president of the non-profit organization known as Inherit Austin. IA’s goal is to persevere the cultural and architectural past of Austin. Currently, Andrea Mc

Fabletics Shows How To Capture Online Fashion Industry In A Grand Manner

Quite a recent entrant into the fashion industry, Fabletics has proved how to win online fashion industry by providing a high-quality experience to the customers. The workout fashion brand started by Kate Hudson is a wonder for many as the firm could expand its operations to a number of major markets apart from U.S. and also achieved business of $250 million in just a span for three years. Many believe that establishing a brand by competing with Amazon and other online retailers is practically impossible, but Fabletics has achieved it by providing an all-round customer experience. The firm addresses all the concerns of an average customer in an elegant manner and creates a difference in its services. Spot some of the major initiatives by Fabletics that helped the brand to reap the success....

EOS-Not Your Usual Lip Balm

Fashionable Lips
If you have never tried EOS lip balms before, then it's about time that you did. They are nothing short of incredible. With tantalizing flavors like Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, and Pomegranate Raspberry, just to name a few, it is no wonder they are so popular! They are also natural and organic-no nasty chemicals here!  Check this on Whatever flavor you're into, EOS goes on smooth, gives you long-lasting moisture, and has shea butter and vitamin E for super soft lips. They are also gluten-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, and phthalate-free. EOS glides on for precise application, smooths on clear, and its twist-off top makes it easy to open. The cute little orb is also easy to locate in the bottom of your purse. Hop over to this interesting site.

Vijay Eswaran And The Growth And Impact Of The QI Group

MBA, Synaptics
According to Forbes Asia, Vijay Eswaran is one of Asia's Hero's of Philanthropy for the work he has done to improve the lives of people there. The Malaysian businessman is the Executive Chairman of the multilevel marketing company the QI Group. It's a company he co-founded when he returned from earning degrees at the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University. While he was overseas, Eswaran had become certified in direct sales marketing and in 1998 he was given the opportunity to start an MLM company of his own. That company has helped put food on the table for countless people. Born in Penang, Malaysia to a school teacher mother and a father who was a civil service, Vijay Eswaran moved a lot during his formative years. In the early 1980s he went to the UK to work to...

Norman Pattiz

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He is the one who founded and runs Podcast One, which is a provider of on-demand audio and a broadcast that leads in the market right now, in features some of the best-known celebrities in the business and they have propelled him forward in his amazing work.     The Experience     He previously worked in the media industry for over four decades with different broadcasting houses until he decided to split and start his own show. Before all this, he had been in different positions all over the media industry.     In the year 2000 for example, he was given the task of serving with the Broadcasting Board of Governors by the then President George W. Bush. This board has the task of overseeing all broadcasting services that can be classifi...

Jim Hunt On His Background With VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a very studious person who enjoys investing and finding out all there is to know about it, while at the same time sharing the secrets he's discovered with anyone who wants to become an investor. Hunt specifically studies the stock market and has figured out ways to buy good value stocks and sell them at the right time. Hunt decided to sit down with Ideamensch to tell them a little about his background and why he started his investment advisory company according to Hunt said he started his company, VTA Publications because he had previously worked at a large bank in the UK and felt the bank was only interested in making profits instead of helping customers. So he decided to start a company that could show customers how to invest by going around the banks and...

Unveiling A Man With A Heart For The Aged

Philanthropist, Technology
Jason Hope is a big name in the entrepreneurial world. He got known for the start of Human Rejuvenation Technology Inc. Jason was born in Temple in Arizona. He further pursued a finance degree from Arizona state university and later got MBA from Carey school of Business. He was determined to see people live a better life. It led him to fund researchers to come up with discoveries on preventive measures of the various diseases. To achieve this, he incorporated the technology. His generous nature has led him in funding education related projects. He offers both the resources and his time to have the project become a success. The beneficiaries of the funding include the True Colors, Arizona Science Centre, and Tony Hawk Foundation among many others. Jason’s is more assured that with

Real Estate Developer- Todd Lubar

Business Leaders
The real estate field has been booming in the recent years, with individuals as well as companies investing in the business. The main reason why most people are engaging in the business is due to the good returns they are getting from the business. Even though there is a stiff competition in the field, the business is still making huge in the market. Todd Lubar is one of the individuals who has made it big in the real estate business. Todd entered into the real estate business in 1995. Todd Lubar is very passionate about helping others and his career in the real estate has offered him a great opportunity to assist the community. Todd began his career as a loan litigator working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd was very observant and during his service at the organization, he lear...