OSI’s dedication to their clients worldwide secures their food brands

The OSI Group is the elite worldwide supplier of food products of custom value and the company is also one of the chief retail brands of food. The company also offers resources that are possibly out of reach and unparalleled. OSI Group is one of the biggest companies that is privately owned.

OSI’s Functions

OSI’s capabilities are extensive and may include global supply chain management and custom food productions through distribution and processing. This allows the company to deliver food products that are custom and that fit your company’s operation and maximize any and all opportunities.

OSI’s Locations

According to OSI, it has over 20,000 employees, and 65 companies that are located in over 17 countries. The company is always focused making custom food products that are made with high quality. The actual support that your company can receive from the OSI Group is outstanding. OSI relies on the future growth of your company by the firm’s consistency and responsiveness. OSI Group will make sure that your company gets the high quality product and experience globally.

OSI’s Capabilities for Food Production

OSI offers processing of custom food that may include vegetables, fruits, meats and other protein foods. The company will custom develop your needs and demands. Everything that they offer is truly made to order. OSI will create a custom plan, whether it is on your processing line or back-of-the-house, for your company.OSI is proud to provide variety of product like port, poultry, beef, pizza, bread, seafood and baked goods and any other produce that may be requested to global markets. OSI stands by their promise to deliver and produce each and every day and delight every one of their clients.

OSI’s Capabilities with Quality Assurance and Food Safety

The biggest food brands of food around the globe trust OSI. They provide the food quality assurance and unsurpassed food safety because the company knows that it will secure the food brand security.