OSI Group’s David McDonald Shares How They Operate A Multinational Firm

Serving as the president and chief operating officer of Chicago’s OSI Group, David McDonald oversees a vast multinational supply chain. His company processes food around the world that is then delivered to quick-serve restaurants and retail stores. He has worked for OSI Group for over 30 years, starting out as a project manager and earning steady promotions from there.

David McDonald says that all of OSI Group’s employees are provided the target of exceeding this company’s customers expectations. As his company is privately held they have the flexibility to provide innovative solutions for their customer’s problems. Unlike a publically held company, they also don’t have any reason to focus on the short term so they can instead look at the larger picture and take their time establishing solid relationships with their suppliers, partners, and customers.

He said in an interview that each one of their partners and customers is provided with a thorough look into what OSI Group’s culture is and what type of business practices they maintain. David McDonald also stated that each facility has management in place that develops close ties to the customers in the specific region that they operate in. This allows the entire company to scale globally while still working on a local basis. Read this articles at Food Business News to know more.

One of the countries that OSI Group operates in is China. David McDonald stated that they entered that market in 1992 and have had tremendous success there over the years, including being an official food provider during the 2008 Summer Olympics. He said that the key to their success was becoming one of the locals and establishing long-term partnerships.

David McDonald OSI Group said that there are certainly challenges to having operations in China. Among these is a lack of infrastructure in areas outside the major cities and other technical issues. To overcome these obstacles he said that they have partnered with government agencies, suppliers, and their customers. The Chinese government is attempting to steer that nation in the right direction and he says that as long as OSI Group stays patient the trouble they face there are surmounted.

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