Omar Yunes: The Face of the Mexican Franchise Industry

For long, the use of franchise partnerships as an expansion strategy has been shunned by multinationals. Some would be franchisers see franchise partnerships as being too risky while some would be franchisees see them as being too rigid and constrictive. However, one franchisee, Omar Yunes is helping dispel these fears. The young Mexican businessman got into a franchise agreement with Japanese food brand Sushi Itto a few years ago and has since grown the business considerably. His effectiveness and value to his franchise were recently put on display for the world to see when he won the latest best franchisee of the world (BFW) competition.

Held in Florence, Italy the BFW competition attracted only the best franchisee from 34 countries including France, Portugal, and Brazil. The criteria used to select the winner included the franchisee’s contribution to the overall value of the brand, their knowledge of the brand and its product, and their ability to motivate employees. Omar Yunes had gained recognition among the competition’s judges for helping Sushi Itto adopt better information management options.

Omar Yunes’s win is a win for the entire franchise industry in Mexico. It signifies that the industry has matured enough to take on the global space as opposed to merely being considered a regional force. Additionally, his win also significantly raises the profile of the Sushi Itto brand. It will help advance the brand’s image of being committed to quality products and excellent customer service.

More on Omar Yunes

Despite being young and naïve, Omar Yunes approached Sushi Itto with nothing but zeal and dedication by his side. He has since not failed the faith placed in him by the Japanese brand and has grown to own and manage 13 of the brand’s franchise units, spread across three Mexican cities. To know more about him click here.

To get ahead of the steep competition in the food industry, Omar Yunes has employed a combination of innovation and aggressive marketing campaigns. He also maintains a healthy relationship with his more than 400 employees as he understands they are the face of the business. They are always welcome to share their ideas and are quite competitively paid.