NGP VAN Shifts the Campaigning Strategy for Democrats

Currently, the procedure of political organizing has experienced utmost transitioning and is no longer the labor-intensive process. Unlike the previous period, sizeable substantial data is used in the connection of voters to particular candidates. The latest voter model permits Democrats to spot their potential voters substantially and compel them to show up during the Election Day. NGP VAN is a leading software provider for Democratic campaigns responsible for transforming the political procedure. The most recognized operation of NGP VAN to the electoral process of the United States was President Obama’s re-election in 2008 and 2012 respectively. The agency aids Democrats intending to enter into office through the utilization of available mobile tools and web to manage successful campaigns.

NGP VAN, located in Washington, DC, performs database providence services to the Democratic Party, Canada’s Liberal Party, as well as, many progressive labor unions. NGP VAN provides Democrats a winning advantage powered by data-driven and campaigns strategies designed based on recent technology. Moreover, the organization postulates that campaigns in the future would be more stable courtesy of the change in technology. The company recommends that major political institutions should remain informed of technological changes to alter trends and methodologies in technology-intensive campaigning. An ignorance of web and digital platforms will lead to the immediate decrease of voter mobilization leading to campaign losses.

NGP VAN uses unique strategies in supporting Democrats in their campaigning activities. For instance, in 2012, NGP VAN developed an intriguing mobile application, which contributed significantly to President Obama’s re-election. The Pollwatcher mobile app worked as the counterpart to a technological tool developed by Romney known as ORCA. Nowadays, individuals possess smartphones with a secure connection to the internet. This element, therefore, redefines the notion of local politics, which requires the candidate to visit voters physically. The latest campaigning model that boosted Obama’s success is the ideal political tool t use for campaigning.

Other relevant features and information on the company’s products include campaign analysis, demographic data and donor targeting among others. Usually, NGP VAN offers prices as per the campaign requirements of the candidate locally and nationally. Nevertheless, the minimum starting price is $45 monthly.