National Steel Car Receives The Highest Accolades

Gregory James Aziz has served National Steel Car as both their chief executive officer and the main chairman for their board. He has been a liaison to other companies during that time but continues to have the support of National Steel Car in whatever he does. Through his wise business practices and skilled leadership National Steel Car became the juggernaut business that it is today having dominate the field for over 100 years.

One of the main reasons that National Steel Car catapulted to the front of the railway manufacturing industry is because Greg James Aziz refused to let them use all products in this new century. Resting on past achievements will get you killed in business. He began to cast a vision, starting with the executives and working down to the managers and workers, that the company must look to become efficient and creative.

While Gregory James Aziz spent his time pushing for efficiency, this led to the persistent pursuit of excellence. National Steel Car was rated the most efficient rail car in the entire industry. This is why it remains the top choice for any company in North America.

Gregory James Aziz has spent time recognizing those that may National Steel Car success. Gregory James Aziz began by thinking customers for purchasing lucrative contracts over the decades. He spoke with suppliers who kept costs affordable for over century. He then took time to thank each and every individual worker of the 2000-member team. He knows they take pride in their work and that is why National Steel Car continues to produce railcars that are unparalleled in quality.


Greg Aziz was also one of the first CEOs a rail car company to reach out to Parliament and Congress to look for ways to make his industry safer. There are several accidents that killed workers and Gregory J Aziz took it to heart. By working with the Canadian Parliament, he proudly announced that the railcar industry had produced safer and stronger rail car tanks. These could be used to transport flammable products but with the extra safety measures there would be fewer accidents. These changes were welcomed by many in the industry.


On top of that, Gregory Aziz worked with his engineering team to find ways to lower gas emissions that are produced from the railcars of National Steel Car. The achieved and 90% decrease which pleases many environmental activists.

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