National Steel Car Picks Momentum Under Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a company that has excelled due to its ability to deliver to its clients. National steel which is an engineering and manufacturing company in Canada has been in this sector since 1912. It means that the company has been in the manufacturing sector for more than a hundred years. This is a company that has delivered to the people of North America to their full satisfaction. National steel car was built on affirm foundation that ensures it would never crumble with ease. The company has managed to withstand all the negative forces in the engineering and manufacturing industry for all those years and it’s still going strong thanks to a management that is dedicated to seeing the company reach new heights of achievement. Find More Information Here.



The current head of this company is known as a Greg Aziz. He is from Ontario. Greg was born in April 1949. He has been serving in various positions in the Canadian corporate sector for many years. The highest position that he has held is that of being the CEO of the National Steel Car. He bought this company from Dofasco in1994 with the aim of making it a better company than he found it he has made it his personal responsibility to make the company great. He has invested millions of dollars in this company since he bought it. The company has not disappointed him since there have been improvements in all departments of the company. Notable is the improvement that has been happening in the production unit. The production capacity of the firm has improved greatly. The company is now able to produce thousands of freight cars annually.


National Steel Car has been built on a foundation of delivering great services and products to their clients. Through the efforts of the employees and the management, the company has delivered great services to the people of North America. Gregory James Aziz has invested in a team of employees that is dediiact5ed to deliver for the company. These are employees who share in the ideas and mission of Greg Aziz. The employees have been very happy to deliver for the company since they are providing the customers with products of great quality.



National steel car has been recognized in the industry as leading company in the engineering and manufacturing of great products. The company has been awarded the TTX SECO awards for being a leader in delivering quality products. National steel car has also been ISO certified. It is the first engineering and manufacturing company to receive this certification.