Mike Baur Gives Hope to Aspiring Entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory

Currently, many digital entrepreneurs have excellent business ideas, but they have no one to support them either morally or financially. As such, this has contributed to the fall of numerous startup firms that are started by young entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that these digital entrepreneurs require a lot of support from established investors.


Mike Baur is an investor who has dedicated more than 20 years of his life in helping startup businesses in Switzerland while he was working for the Swiss Private banking industry. While working in the bank, Baur realized that a lot of Swiss entrepreneurs with great business ideas had no access to capital and mentorship to establish their ventures. He began funding these startup businesses with his money, and it yielded a lot of returns. The now 39-year-old investor quit his role in the banking sector in 2014 and began his journey in entrepreneurship by establishing the Swiss Startup Factory with another investor.


The firm has now grown to be one of the largest privately owned ICT startups that have brought a lot of hope to thousands of young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Mr. Baur has dedicated a lot of his time and resources to mentoring and financing young entrepreneurs who come up with outstanding business ideas. It has brought a new dawn to a lot of investors whose ideas would never have seen the light of the day for lack of capital and proper guidance.


About the Swiss Start-up Factory

The Swiss Start-up Factory was launched in Zurich in 2014 and has been mentoring young entrepreneurs from across the country. The firm runs an accelerator program for modern day entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business ideas. The entrepreneurs come up with ideas, and the company provides a platform where they can sell their ideas to prospective sponsors.


Since its establishment, the Swiss firm has created a robust network of investors from around Switzerland and also from other parts of the globe. The three-month accelerator program is a non-biased program whose primary aim is to educate and mentor tomorrow’s business leaders in their quest to build long-lasting business structures. The accelerator program offers coaching services, mentorship, and office space for the young entrepreneurs to run their business. Mike Baur has been passionate about his work as a mentor, and he looks forward to mentoring a lot more startup business to become world class corporations.