Mike Baur Brings Assistance To Digital Startup Companies

The use of technology has changed the way the business world operates on a daily basis. Today, the business world has become a digital world. People use technology to do a lot of the tasks that they need to accomplish. Technology such as the smartphone, WiFi, and the internet have allowed people to utilize digital technology instead of physically having to go places to complete the desired tasks.


People can now go online to pay bills, shop, work, take classes, listen to music, view live events, and a variety of other things that were once done in person. As the world has moved over to digital technology, the business world has changed the way it approaches business operations. This shift by the business world can be seen in many ways. One of the ways that has become more popular in the past few years is the move to start digital companies.


The internet is the biggest move behind the push to start digital companies. With the internet, the business world can meet customers and potential customers online in what has become a digital environment. In addition, technology such as eCommerce has made purchasing online almost the same as purchasing in a physical location.


Although some potential business owners are moving towards starting digital companies, there is a need for information, services, and advice related to starting digital companies. As a result, many companies have come on the scene that provide a variety of services for business people who want to start digital companies. One of the companies that provides assistance to digital entrepreneurs is the Swiss Startup Factory.


One of the three partners who helped to establish the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 is Mike Baur. A business professional with over two decades of experience in the private banking industry, Mike Baur provides a high level of executive leadership concerning the Swiss Startup Factory.


In addition, Mike Baur has accomplished a lot in his professional career. He moved up the corporate ladder to reach the executive level before venturing out on his own to help start the Swiss Startup Factory.