Michael Burwell: For Those Seeking Guidance

Life is full of uncertainties and shifting factors that can never be fully predicted or controlled. The best we can hope is to do our best and try to go off what we know to be true. Financial investments into ventures that don’t pan out can destroy lifestyles or maybe even worse. Fortunately, we have people and companies whose job it is to help with making life decisions and plans for the future. People like Michael Burwell are educated on what needs to be done to secure a more stable and sure future.


Michael Burwell recently became the new Chief Financial Officer of the company Willis Towers Watson. Located in Gainesville Florida, this company is a major force in advisory, broking, and solutions that help clients tread a path of growth and prosperity. The company is very large with 40,000 providing service to over 140 countries nationwide. Michael Burwell is very well equipped to this because of his extensive experience in many fields. First of all, Michael Burwell is a graduate of Michigan state University with a degree in Accounting. He has 31 years of financial and professional service experience that he gained from working with PwC. He held the positions of the U.S. Chief Financial Officer there as well as chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Transformation. His experience also extends to 11 years of auditing and 12 years of transaction advisory service experience. It looks as though Michael Burwell isn’t done as he declares in this new position at Willis Towers that Michael hopes to “contribute to the success of the company”.


His fellow employees and workers couldn’t be happier to have Michael joining the staff. John Haley the Chief Executive Officer said that “We are excited to have Mike join our leadership team at an important point in our company’s evolution.” According to many sources Michael Burwell has the understanding of managing, being a leader and pushing for perfection in this global company. With Michael Burwell as the new man aboard the team it looks as though many clients seeking guidance will get just what they want.



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