Michael Burwell And Why He’s An Excellent Choice As Willis Towers Watson’s New CFO

The world of business is being upended right now with modern changes brought mainly by innovations in tech. Any business leader should know that to succeed and thrive and not to go extinct, one should at least take a small bet in the modern technologies today. This is something that resonates very well with Michael Burwell, as he becomes the new CFO of Willis Towers Watson.


The New Challenges in Finance


Finance development requires a lot of energy, skills, dedication, and sacrifice from any Finance Officer. When Willis Towers Watson chose Michael to be their next officer, they know all too well that picking Michael would such be a fantastic bet and decision. His skills in running Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP for over 30 years is such a great asset and strength that Willis Towers Watson can leverage to stabilize, protect their assets from risks and innovate the new finance models of the company that would suit the changes in the global market.

There is also about 11 years of service in Michael for Pricewater’s Assurance Practice. During such operations, he’s been able to hone his auditing skills, allowing him to learn all the ins and outs of the business of financial planning as well as buffering the companies against the threats of security risks and asset dissolution. Being based in Detroit was also useful to Michael, as being in the place where he was most comfortable could give him the confidence and complacency that have to do with being where your comfort zone is. Truly, it is remarkable to see how much work experience and executive positions Michael Burwell has already put under his name. With such series of experiences, it’s not that hard to see why Willis Towers Watson chose him to lead the company’s finance operations. Go Here to learn more.




After graduating from Michigan State University, Michael has honed his skills in financial reporting and finance leadership. His developed instincts in finance, as well as his CPA background, are significant assets in making sure that he’s a sought-after and in-demand finance officer that can improve the financial status of any company. His strengths in internal controls and financial analysis are also excellent strongpoints that would make him a strong, viable pick for any company, most specifically Willis Towers, who is his current employer.

The fact, too, that Michael has served as the senior partner in various management positions in his tenure in multiple companies also prove that what he can offer has been tested by time and has been made robust through sheer raw work experience.


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