Michael Burwell and The Challenges and Achievements of His Career

Everyone covets a life of luxury, of prosperity and of being a great skilled specialist. One of the super-charged and prosperous business leaders that many people want to be like today is Michael Burwell. Among the many things about Mr. Michael is the fact the he right now is the newly appointed CFO at Willis Towers Watson. Let’s learn more about his thrilling set of skills and unforgettable achievements below.



Life Before Willis Towers



There’s so much life and corporate work offered by Michael Burwell to the market before working at Willis Towers. One of those companies where he excelled in his service is the stint he did at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). For eleven years he was able to provide a lot of assurance and audit services to different clients. The satisfied clients that he has served would all say that without the help of Michael Burwell, it would probably hard for these people to hit the goals that they were aiming for.



It’s also interesting to note that Michael Burwell has been given the role as the Chief Financial Officer in 2008 for PwC’s U.S. business. The fact, too, that in 2012 he became the Vice Chairman of Global and U.S. Transformation means that there’s so much igniting and speedy powers in Michael to handle high-level responsibilities. Go Here for related Information.




There’s also a lot of power in Michael Burwell to go beyond what is normally expected from them. Michael proved this by also becoming the Global Strategic Sourcing leader in Human Capital and Finance for PwC. The fact that he also held the senior relationship partner for several clients during his tenure is also a riveting indication that he is more than what he appears to be.



The Future of Michael Burwell



Being the CFO of Willis Towers today means that Mike is already part of the growth of Willis Towers today. The 31 years of Finance background in Mike will definitely shape how the progress of the company will look like in the future. Burwell’s commitment, leadership and expertise will truly maximize and bring out the best out of Willis Towers Watson. Which isn’t saying that it will be easy, considering the Willis Towers handles more than 40,000 employees.


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