Meet The CEO Of National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz


The efficient moving of manufactured goods, as well as foodstuffs and resources such as coal and timber, is the backbone of industry and commerce on the North American continent. National Steel Car, and its President and CEO, Gregory James Aziz, are dedicated to providing this important service in an efficient and reliable manner.


Gregory J Aziz, as the head of the firm, has led it to continued success, building on the company’s history that spans over 100 years. Tank and freight cars require a high level of design precision which must be carried over into the engineering and manufacturing aspects of creation. Under the tutelage of Greg James Aziz, the company has stood by its long-standing ideals of creating products that matter, that are durable and long-lasting, and get products moved from one side of the continent to the other.


Even the company has been in existence for over a century, CEO and President, Greg Aziz has kept his eye on modernization and enhancements that help National Steel Car build on its success. The company is the only North American railcar manufacturing company that is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. The company employs approximately 2,000 team members who are also dedicated to their commitment to quality that comes down from the top.


In addition to the value that we provide our customers after the sale of their railcars, National Steel Car strives to always operate at peak performance during the design, engineering, and manufacturing phases of their freight car production cycle. The firm is known for its high quality and also for delivering the ordered railcars in a timely manner that is within the agreed-upon parameters of the railcar order agreement. Find More Information Here.


While the company holds its history in high esteem, they are definitely not resting on their laurels. The past is important, and it does inform the company to this very day, Aziz is continuously looking into the future and searching for new ways to innovate and improve Nation Steel Car. This is evident in the everyday commitment that he shows in all aspects of running the company, and it is clear that he is leading by providing a strong example. Employees at National Steel Car are known for their dedication, diversity, and adherence to the goals and beliefs that have helped this company to grow and flourish over a century plus period in an industry that is known for its competitiveness.