Malcolm Casselle Continues His Quest To Develop Gaming And Cryptocurrency Opportunities

Upon leaving Stanford University, Malcolm Casselle began a career which has taken him around the world to develop the latest in technologies for various sectors. Despite his work in creating telecommunications companies and expanding on the Online retail industry, Casselle has always had an eye on the possibilities available to him in developing the Online gaming community. The work history of Malcolm Casselle includes his development of the Xfire social media app for the gaming community which has led to his belief in the power of cryptocurrencies within the gaming sector.

Malcolm Casselle has been extremely vocal in his interest and support of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and other tokens developed specifically for video gaming fans. The development of tokens for games has become one of the hot topics for experts in the sector as many have been looking to Casselle’s Worldwide Asset Exchange to make changes to the way virtual assets are traded. The business leader who headed Groupon’s expansion into Eastern China believes the use of existing cryptocurrencies and the development of game-specific currencies will bring this new form of finance into the mainstream.

Tokens have been both a boom and a bust for many gamers who are supportive of the development of currencies for the gaming sector. The ability to purchase items has been positive but the inability to trade outside a specific region leaves some gamers unable to use or benefit from their purchase of specific assets. Malcolm Casselle is the President of WAX and believes the exchange of assets will be aided by tokens created specifically for the exchange which should allow assets to be traded without the need for the use of expensive third-party vendors.

Another benefit for the gaming community will come from the ability of members of WAX to trade assets with the comfort of the Blockchain monitoring all sales. Self-policed guilds are being established to oversee all trades which will require all trades to be verified by different guilds in order for a trade to be completed successfully.

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