Louis Chenevert’s Positive Effect At UTC And How He Did It With Class An Integrity

With the help of Canadian powerhouse businessman Louis Chenevert United Technologies Corporation was able to flourish to unimaginable heights. As a leader of a company one should be thinking about the state of the company, the employees, and the future of possibilities for the business. It is quite an undertaking and not everyone can handle that much responsibility. Mr. Chenevert was able to go beyond and above his duties of his job, without blinking an eye. (See Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


Here is a little about his upbringing, education, and past work experiences. Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Quebec in the year 1958. The Canadian businessman valued education as a stepping stone and attended HEC Montreal. He received a bachelor’s Degree in Production Management. Louis had a decade and a half long career at General Motors in Canada. His position was general Production Manager and he was very good at it. With a long and successful career at General Motors it was time to move on. He started working at Pratt & Whitney at their Canadian branch. They are a subsidiary of a bigger corporation called United Technologies Corporation.


Back in 1999 when Louis Chenevert was President of the Canadian branch, he knew there was bigger potential in their products and brand. Underneath there where ideas brewing that would change the face of the corporation in a massive way. He decided that marrying Pratt & Whitney’s jet engine and UTC’s financial resources would be an absolute, so that’s what he did. Louis Chenevert’s vision, plans, and hard work was paying off when he became Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation in 2006. See This Article for additional information.


With $10 billion dollars in investment and 20 years in planning they unveiled Pratt & Whitney’s super advanced jet engine that was highly requested and used on over 14 airlines. Louis accomplished this huge feat without sending manufacturing out of the country, letting go of employees, breaking environmental regulations, or raising the concerns of the local citizens. Louis Chenevert is indeed a true leader who up holds real values, standards, promises, and does it all with class. He stepped down as CEO and now works for Goldman Sachs as an Exclusive Advisor.



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