Louis Chenevert’s Brilliance at the Helm of UTC

Louis R. Chenevert is the man who succeeded George David as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and impressed in the role. The 49 years old French-Canadian businessman came in and improved on the good reputation left behind by George David. On top of investing in the advancement of UTC’s tech infrastructure, he established a program in which staff members are given moral and monetary support to advance their academic and career standings. He revamped the company’s Employee Scholar Program that has sponsored tens of thousands of employees for a wide range of degree and diploma courses. By the time Chenevert was handing over office the new CEO, Gregory J. Hayes, UTC had spent over $1 billion towards the empowerment of its human resource.

Achievements at UTC

Leading a company of UTC’s size and caliber requires one to be sharp and focused; exactly how Louis Chenevert is. He defined his role as CEO to be a team leader who was able to organize and galvanize his team towards a common goal. The projects that he either completed or initiated, on the other hand, showed elements of forward-thinking in the sense that they are all pointed towards future success. It was under his able leadership that UTC acquired Goodrich and improved its Sikorsky Units to top the list of the biggest helicopter manufacturers in both the US and Canada. Over and above that, Chenevert was able to secure a contract with the US government for the manufacture of F-35 engines that are now used by US Army helicopters. UTC’s Pratt & Whitney, a unit Chenevert managed, won the contract ahead of big companies such as Rolls-Royce and General Electric. In all these achievements, Chenevert gives credit to his dedicated team.

Job at Goldman Sachs

After leaving UTC on December 8th, 2014, Louis Chenevert signed-up a job at Goldman Sachs whereby he offers exclusive advisory services to its Merchant Banking Division. His main responsibility is to give expert advice in matters regarding the aerospace sector.