Lip Treatments for those Who Face the Challenge of Dry Lips

Dried appearing lips are sometimes easy to fix with a little exfoliation and a touch of Vaseline. Sometimes Doing these two things simple doesn’t work for those who are facing a severe dry lip challenge. If you need some ideas on how to heal and cure dry lips, here are three potential options for those with chronically and severely dried out lips.
The Nurturing Aveda Lip Saver
Aveda Lip Saver gives fairly lasting results for anyone who uses it. The product soothes, moisturizes with botanical and wax ingredients. It does not come with the option of lip tints. If you want a lip tint, you can easily select one of the Aveda Nourish Mint lip colors. The Aveda Nourishment lip colors are also fairly good at hydrating dried lips.

The Conditioning Effect of Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner
The Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner is able to plump, hydrate and firm lips. It creates an overall more youthful and nourished looking lip. It heals ninety percent of dry lips. The Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner only comes in the option of sheer coverage. If you do want color and hydration, then you can try the Avon Beyond Color Lipstick. This lipstick both heals and colors the lips.

The Shea Butter Infused Evolution of Smooth
If you want a shea butter infused lip balm, then look no further than the Evolution of Smooth lip balm. Evolution of Smooth uses shea butter and coconut oil to hydrate lips fully and with natural ingredients. It comes in many different fruit or other natural scents.

The one problem with the Evolution of Smooth lip balm is that it does not come in lip tints or colors. There is one Evolution of Smooth shimmer lip balm option. This product adds a slight glimmer to lips. However it is currently out of stock due to it’s popularity. You can check in a little while if they will add more of the shimmer EOS lip balm though, if that is the option you most want. They will likely restock it since it was so popular. EOS lip balm products are available on, Racked online and at