Lifeline Screening Can Save Lives By Prevention

Preventative medicine has always been in the forefront of medical science. The ability to identify abnormal results in these tests can initiate early treatment plans with maintenance programs to ensure a long healthy life.

High blood pressure, glucose and lipid profiles can be treated with medication and diet before they become life threatening or emergent. Lifeline Screening can take a small blood sample and have the results in a just a few minutes.

The ability to detect a thickening of an artery before it bursts is quite remarkable. The chance to screen blood for increases in glucose, lipids or kidney function testing so treatment can be addressed is paramount to waiting until the values are very high. The ability to control these issues with diet and medication can make a significant change in overall lifespan.

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Ultrasound screening of the vascular system is a vital test that can show plaque buildup in the major arteries of the body. These include coronary arteries that go to the heart itself, the carotid artery that supplies blood to the brain and the femoral arteries that bring blood to the legs and below. Finding the build up of plaque from cholesterol and fat intake and due to heredity can alert the patient and his or her physician to take steps to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Ultrasound can also detect thickening of the artery walls which are called aneurysms. They can burst if not treated and are not uncommon in the abdomen, where the aorta is or the legs, where they may affect the popliteal or knee artery or femoral artery that travels down the thighs.

Lifeline’s special electrocardiograph, or EKG, can be performed with clothes on and no patient preparation. This can detect abnormal heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation that may lead to heart attack.

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