Koch Brothers Flying Under The Radar With Their Wealth

The Koch Brothers are amongst some of the wealthiest people in The United States of America. Combined, it is estimated that the two brothers have a total net worth of $100 billion dollars. Their granddad Harry Koch was a Dutchman that immigrated to the U.S. in 1888. He made a fortune from being a newspaper publisher and investing his money wisely. He left behind two grandson’s by the name of Charles and David Koch. Charles is 80 years old, while his younger brother is only 75 years old.

How the two brothers further expanded their grandfather’s passed along fortune is truly remarkable. Charles Koch now lives in Kansas, and have through the course of their lifetime made solid investments in the oil and ranching industry. Additionally they are involved with technology. As of recently the family has decided to form a private family wealth office to manage their money. The company titled 1888, they year their grandfather immigrated to America, is made of seven board managers that is mixed with family members and non-family members to settle disputes rather easily.

The company is orchestrated my investing genius, Trent May. May now plans to take the money of the Koch Brothers and directly invest it in companies that would allow for the brothers to have a majority stake in the company invested in, and therefore have a tremendous amount of power as far as what actually goes on in the company. May has also decided to invest in a technology company that serves the government and businesses with data and voice services. Additionally, May is partaking in investing in the family investment company owned by Pierre Omidyar, who is the wealthy individual founder of e-commerce giant, Ebay.

It will be interesting if May can further expand the Koch’s fortune by wise investing and a healthy market. Not only are these reasonable precautions to take, but they allow for the Koch’s legacy and wealth to survive generation after generation.

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