Kim Dao Models a Kimono

This the second time Kim Dao modeled kimonos. Kim Dao went to Asakusa with a male friend named Tip, who she met in Korea. Before going to a restaurant to eat, Tip noticed a rickshaw going by. He thought it would be a good idea to take a ride in one of those. Kim Dao never rode in a rickshaw before. In the restaurant, Kim Dao bought some Udon with a bowl of rice ordered from a vending machine. In this case, a ticket came out to give to server. She had some fish soup an a tropical fruit for dessert. Kim Dao went shopping after lunch for a kimono. They went into a shop; she pulled her hair back and secured it with a white flower clip. Kim Dao wore a lavender and pink print kimono with flip flop or thong shoes that many Japanese women wear with kimonos. She walked around a park while Tip took photos of the cherry blossom trees, and from a distance they saw the Skytree Tower. Before going to Skytree, Kim Dao and friend went to a place where they had their fortunes read. We never find out what it is.


Tip and Kim Dao had to take a train to get close to Skytree. Before visiting the tower, Kim Dao and her friend visited a fish store with colorful fish swimming around in bowls. Kim Dao and Tip quickly browsed through a Pokémon store. They ssw Pokémon mugs, stuffed animals, and stuffed dragons.