Kevin Seawright Heading Community Development Efforts in Newark

What was formerly the Brick City Development Corp. has re-branded and transformed into the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in the Newark community of New Jersey. The rebranding and restructuring of the agency is allowing it to better serve the community according to a recent news article. The newly structured Newark CEDC is designed to help small business throughout the community. Extending their reach beyond what the former Brick City Development could, Newark CEDC is helping businesses out by offering small business loans. The company is especially looking to help minority and women owned small businesses and works with the Small Business Association to help small business owners achieve their goals.

At the helm of Newark CEDC is Kevin Seawright, senior vice president and chief financial officer. Kevin has been working to restructure the agency since 2014. Receiving a masters in accounting from Almeda University, he has worked with several other community agencies across the East Coast. He has expertise in business and finances. He worked as managing fiscal officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement and helped save the agency thousands of dollars through new accounting practices. He has worked in many different capacities for the City of Baltimore. The many different positions he held include payroll director of the Housing Authority, finance director of the Homeless Services division of the Department of Housing and Community Development, chief financial and facilities officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks and finally Deputy Chief Operating Officer in the education sector.  Kevin also has a long history as an angel investor, always looking to new projects that he can invest money into.

Kevin told LocalTalkNews that he found a passion for the real estate and business world when he worked with Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors in Washington, DC. This knowledge he gained in the real estate and business sector has allowed him to continue the Newark CEDC’s mission to help small businesses. Kevin has also been recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program.  Kevin Seawright’s full bio is available on the Newark CEDC website. Otherwise, you can follow Kevin on SoundCloud, where he explores his other passion, Music.

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