Julia Jackson the Face of Jackson Family Wines

Born in 1988 in San Francisco, Julia Jackson is the second born of Barbara Banke and the late Jess Jackson. having been born in a family of winemakers, her passion for wine has been evident since she was a little girl. She is currently the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, a business owned by her family that makes famous wines distributed all around the world.

She is also involved in giving back to the community programs that her family business donates to every year.

Seeds of Empowerment

Through one of the family’s Winery, Cambria, Seeds of Empowerment was founded. The main aim of Seeds of Empowerment is to empower women across the globe to do great things in leadership positions and charity organizations.

Seeds of Empowerment offer annual grants of $100,000 to support these organizations with their mission of making a difference in the world. Julia Jackson has made watercolor paintings that have featured in the Cambria wine bottles to honor past grant recipients.Check more:https://www.pinterest.com/juliajacksonca/

Julia Jackson Education background

Julia has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Scripps College which she acquired in 2010. She also got a master’s degree in Business from Stanford Graduate School of Business. These qualifications have made her a perfect fit for the role with the international sales team of the family business.

Some of the Brands Produced by Jackson Family Wines

Calina. This brand of wine is produced by winemaker Randy Ullom in Chile. “Its taste is rich and looks very elegant.

Champ de Reves-This brand was established in 2010 by winemaker Eric Johannsen in California

Recently, Julia Jackson has been spotted attending A-list events. By attending these events, she is introducing her family’s business to the world through the gift hampers she gives out. This is an essential part of marketing Jackson Family Wines.