Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, Honored by PUC-Sao Paulo

Judge Marco Antonio Marques who is “always ready to help with everything” was recently honored by PUC- Sao Paulo. Marco Antonio is a judge as well as professor of criminal law at the Perdizes Camp, and had a new auditorium on the campus named after him during a ceremony on April 1st, 2018. The university’s president Dirceu de Mello presided over the opening ceremony. It was him who pointed out that judge Marco Antonio Marques helped to ensure the construction of the auditoriums, so it was only right to name one in his honor.

After Dirceu de Mello gave the opening ceremonies, PUC tenured professor and esteemed lawyer, Ricardo Sayeg, thanked Marquez on behalf of him and the rest of the faculty of law. Sayeg was given the honor of talking about how Marques got his interest in law at the young age of 15 in his home city of Itapetininga. In 1977 he began studying law at PUC and graduated in 1981. While in attendance at the university, Marco also received his masters, doctorate, and teaching degrees. Upon graduation, he received his fellowship with the Faculty of Law of Coimbra in 2005. In 2003 Marco received his tenure at PUC and teaches there today.

Judge Marco was also complimented for his literary accomplishments. As the author of 40 articles and 13 books, his works and esteemed teaching has made Marco Antonio a treasured member of the faculty of law at PUC. His career has filled the university and its staff with pride and satisfaction. He has been recognized on multiple accounts as an esteemed and prominent teacher and as a good, honest, and loyal man. April 1st marked a day that will allow Marco Antonio to live forever in the history of the school along with the torch he passes down to students who will continue to do the work he started out to do.

Marco Antonio finished the ceremony in an emotional speech of gratitude, thanking his friends and family who encouraged him, and the justice system and God who allowed him to get where he is today.