Joshua Smith Set to Launch Smart Greenhouses

The demand for locally produced food has skyrocketed in the past few years. This has led to the development of a prototype that completely mimics different living things.
The prototype named AquaWeb was developed by NexLoop, an international organization based in New York City. It is believed that the newly developed product will help urban food producers to filter, collect, store, and evenly distribute atmospheric moisture. Apart from this, thanks to the ability of the system to multitask, the prototype will be an all-in-one product meant to help the food producers.

The AquaWeb product has been designed with the idea of the natural system. For instance, it mimics the spider webs of the cribellate orb weaver spider which functions by collecting fog from the atmosphere. Apart from this, the newly-developed system uses the working principle of the crystalline ice plant which functions by storing water which eventually helps the plant in surviving drought seasons.

To anyone located in Reno, Nevada, and with ties or ambition to start a greenhouse, Joshua Smith has the right recipe for you. Smith who is based in Reno Nevada has designed smart greenhouses that allow the user to grow any type of crop and watch them blossom without necessarily “taking care” of them.

The greenhouses have been designed in such a manner that they can withstand a category four hurricane and up to 80 pounds per square feet of snow. The good thing about these greenhouses is the fact that you can monitor the soil texture, the surrounding moisture, and temperature by simply installing an app on your smartphone. The incredible thing about these greenhouses is the fact that you can install a camera inside them and monitor your greenhouses regardless of where you might be located. The app also gives you the opportunity to simply set it and forget it. The app will inform you when your greenhouse has no sufficient moisture or when the soil has dried up.

Joshua Smith is an entrepreneur residing in Reno Nevada. As an entrepreneur, he is known for his numerous start-up ventures which are designed for the sustainable and wellness technologies. The smart greenhouses are however his breakthrough invention.