Jose Borghi: Award Winning Brazilian Advertiser

Jose Borghi is considered to be one of the best creators of advertisements in Brazil, and he managed to transform the industry because of the skills that he has. He is respected in the advertising industry, and his competitors are well aware of his talent and expertise. Jose Borghi started working with the advertising industry more than 25 years ago, and he managed to hone his skills. The time he spent on doing advertisements also allowed him to perfect his craft, and he is making sure that the art he is producing would leave an impact on the audience. According to Jose Borghi, he was awarded several times because of his creations, and he has been recognized as an A-lister when it comes to the advertising world. He added that he had lost count of all the awards that he received from prestigious award giving bodies, and stated that he no longer cares about the awards that he is receiving, as long as he can share his work with the world. Click here to watch video.

25 years ago, the young Jose Borghi tried his luck in the advertising world. He entered a small ad agency and looked for a job. He managed to get the job after some interviews, but he did not last. He transferred from one company to the other, until he decided to create his agency instead. In 2002, Jose Borghi opened BorghiErh, and his unbeatable talent in creating an advertisement managed to get more clients, and his name became popular. An international advertising company named Lowe + Partners soon contacted Jose Borghi and offered him a merging deal. He accepted the contract, and he became the co-CEO of the newly established Borghi Lowe.

To remain competitive as ever, Borghi Lowe would soon go under another rebranding, this time merging with Mullen Lowe and becoming Mullen Lowe Brasil. After their second rebranding, the company grew tremendously, acquiring projects from well-known international brands and organizations.